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Author: MrPhillips

Minecraft Education Edition – ‘Blaendulais Primary’ World & download guide!

  1. Download Minecraft Education Edition (see instructions below)
  2. Download the ‘Blaendulais Primary’ world (see below)
  3. Enjoy!

Please click the link for guidance on downloading Minecraft Education Edition for free from HWB!

Click here to download the ‘Blaendulais Primary School’ world!! Tasks are below and on the map (good luck finding them all!)

Minecraft Tasks:

  1. Continue to build Seven Sisters and the community around our school;
  2. Take your relatives on a tour of our school;
  3. Explore hidden areas you have never been – Mr Phillips’ office, the showers & the attic!
  4. Invite friends to continue the build online;
  5. Play ‘Hide & Seek’ in the school (Hint: press ‘crouch’ to hide your gamertag).

When ready, save the file to your OneDrive (Hwb) and send me a link ( – the winner will receive a prize!

Sneak Preview: