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Learning and Teaching in our School Curriculum

At Blaendulais Primary, we will aim to ensure our school is a safe, fun and happy learning environment.

From September 2022 the Welsh Government requires all Primary Schools to design their own curriculum. This means that we will use the new national framework called “A Curriculum for Wales” to support the needs of each child in the context of Blaendulais Primary School. The framework consists of six Areas of Learning and Experiences (AoLEs) as well as the cross-curricular themes of literacy, numeracy and digital-competency.


All learning and teaching throughout the school, will be underpinned by ‘The Four Purposes’. These four purposes will be taught implicitly and explicitly throughout each stage of your child’s education. There will be a driving concept behind each term of planning, although topics can be different. Your child will be taught that learning starts with them and their family and moves through into their community, their Wales and onto their view of the wider world, therefore developing their sense of belonging (CYNEFIN). They will learn about their effect on these and the affect they have on them. Learning and teaching across each stage will change and be adapted over time as the world we live evolves at a rapid pace.


The progression of your child will now be measured through progression steps. These steps will be based on a continuum of learning from ages 3-16, with learners being taught at their appropriate level of challenge along the continuum. At each progression step there will be descriptions of learning, differentiated to the needs of your child based on their personal development. We will no longer make one off judgements on the overall achievement of your child or undertake specific assessment activities to make a judgement about their progression at a set age. Instead, we will now monitor and assess your child throughout their learning, in order to create a rounded judgement on their progression.

Our goal at Blaendulais Primary School is to nurture, inspire, support and challenge all of our children. We will achieve this through enjoyable, meaningful and diverse learning experiences in a supportive environment, which places wellbeing and self-esteem at its heart – enabling our pupils to become lifelong learners who aspire to be the best that they can be.

This will ensure our pupils at Blaendulais Primary become happy, confident and proud members of their community.