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E-Safety Information

The importance of internet and digital communications

The purpose of Internet access in school is to raise educational standards, to support the professional work of staff and to enhance the school’s management information and business administration systems.

Access to the Internet is a necessary tool for staff and students. It helps to prepare students for their on-going career and personal development needs. It is a requirement of the National Curriculum (NC) orders for ICT and is implied in other subject orders.

Internet use to enhance learning

Internet access is provided by Neath Port Talbot CBC (ICT Learning and Support) and designed for pupils. This includes filtering appropriate to the content and age of pupils. Internet access is planned to enrich and extend learning activities. Access levels are reviewed to reflect the curriculum requirement.

Pupils are given clear objectives for Internet use:

  • Staff select sites which support the learning outcomes planned for pupils’ age and maturity.
  • Pupils are taught how to take responsibility for their own Internet access.
  • Pupils are taught how to evaluate Internet content.
  • Pupils are taught ways to validate information before accepting that it is necessarily accurate.
  • Pupils are taught to acknowledge the source of information, when using Internet material for their own use.
  • Pupils are made aware that the writer of an e-mail or the author of a Web page might not be the person claimed.
  • Pupils are encouraged to tell a teacher immediately if they encounter any material that makes them feel uncomfortable.