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Values & Ethos

“Making a difference”

Pupil Mission Statement

We at Blaendulais Primary will ensure our school is a safe, fun and happy environment. 

School Mission Statement

At Blaendulais Primary, we will aim to ensure our pupils become happy, confident and proud members of our community.

Vision Statement

At Blaendulais, you will be part of a family who will develop you to be healthy, confident, happy and respectful individuals. We value pupils who can work independently and collaboratively and are able to receive praise and acknowledge their successes. We expect our pupils to set themselves high goals and possess the motivation to reach them by being ambitious and capable. We support our pupils to understand their abilities and develop awareness of how to reach their next steps. Our pupils will be ethically informed about the beliefs, needs and ideas of others and are able to work collaboratively towards a common goal, understanding their role in society. Our pupils will belong to a local and wider community, beginning with them and understand the effects on them and the wider world. We will encourage creative risk-taking and an understanding of enterprise and the wider world of work.

School Aims

We will achieve this by ensuring Blaendulais Primary is a safe, happy and inspiring environment giving our pupils the best possible experiences, both in and out of school. Our children will receive a broad and balanced curriculum which will engage and create inquisitive learners who are critical thinkers. We will endeavour to allow our learners to develop at their own pace creatively, academically and socially. Building relationships with parents, carers and the local area to develop Blaendulais Primary as a hub of the community will be at the heart of our school ethos. We will ensure all members of the Blaendulais Primary Community are part of a supportive environment, expecting high standards of pupils, staff, parents and governors at Blaendulais Primary School.