ALN Reform

At Blaendulais we are proud of the support that we offer for our learners with Additional Learning Needs (ALN). We feel that all learners within the school are supported well, and that we have positive working relationships with learners and their families, as well as outside agencies that work with your child. We feel that the support, guidance and interventions are tailored to meet the needs and abilities of each individual child, and that this support is monitored and adapted in a pupil-centred way.

Additional Learning Needs legislation in Wales is changing, and this is known as the Additional Learning Needs and Education Tribunal (Wales) Reform. All staff at Blaendulais are working hard in preparation for these changes, and we are looking forward to the additional support that this will bring for all our learners with Additional Learning Needs (ALN).

The Law is changing for several reasons the main one being to make the process simpler and more transparent for all involved.

The new legislation for ALN will bring about several main changes for ALN. It:

  • Brings together all current systems into a new, single system for ALN.
  • Is pupil-centred, where pupils and their parents are completely involved in decision making.
  • Provides learners with the same type of statutory plan (Individual Development Plan or IDP), irrespective of age or setting.
  • Improves transition between settings.
  • Allows further Welsh language provision.
  • Is a fair and transparent system for all.

Support information is available for parents and learners on this page. Below you will find links to further information about how the changes will affect learners and their families, however if you require any further information about the changes, then we welcome you to contact us 🙂


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Video 2 – ALNET Bill for Parents – Presentation


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