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 Welcome to LSC2 class page 🙂

  • Our staff.

Class Teacher – Mrs N. Williams

Class Support – Mrs K. Evans                                                     

Distance learning Spring 2021

Please find general resources and IEP tasks here –

Phonics                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Colour by sound      Cvc word and picture match        Cvc work booklet     I spy sounds            Initial sound activity                                      Initial sound activity 2        Initial sound activity 3              Initial sound activity 4          Sound games 1                   Sound game 2               Sound game 3          Sound game 4            Sound game 5               Sound game 6             Sound matching game
Reading                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Reading game 1      Carnivals        Fossils         Garden Birds          Oliver Twist        A Bearded Dragon         A Cat     A Dog                                          A Guinea Pig         A Hamster         Treasure Island
Sentences                       Finishing sentences            Sentence building cards          Sentence matching
Numbers to 20                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Colour by number adding to 20                              Dino I Spy   Dino Ispy Checklist                        Dot to dot to 20                                              Numbers to 20 home challenges                           Writing numbers to 20
Times tables.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   2 x table activity         2 x table flashcards                2 x table sheet                                                        Counting in 2s missing numbers                         3 Times Tables – Question Booklet                            4 Times Tables – Question Booklet                 5 x table Questions                                                  6 Times Tables – Question Booklet                              7 Times Table Activity Booklet                     Colour by multiplication

Below are some pictures of LSC2 pupils’ home learning activities –
Well done everyone! Da iawn pawb!

Literacy and Numeracy.

Our New Year hopes      Reading clocks!         Writing news!               Reading comprehension


Ordering numbers!   Writing sentences!   Making clocks!    Finding 1 more / less


Analogue and digital clocks! Calculating durations!


‘The Grufffalo” character houses for Snake, The Gruffalo and Fox!



Dydd Santes Dwynwen Hapus!

True / False?  Love heart toast! Heart patterns!  Love spoon designs! Welsh colours!


Health, well being, personal and social skills 🙂

Making igloos!  Sharing and taking turns!  Looking after pets!


Topic work- “Darwin’s Delights!

All about the biologist Charles Darwin!

Sketching and labelling!    Bird Watch!           Describing animals!      Volcanoes!                


Designing islands

‘Blake island’                        ‘Lego Island’                      ‘Lava Island’                    ‘Tiktok island’


Galapagos island collages!                              Sorting natural objects!

Making and measuring fossils! Using cm and mm ! Fossil Quiz!

HMS Beagle floating challenge!                 Animals of the Galapagos!




Autumn 2020 Part 2


Our snowflake designs.


Types of ice!               Typing words to describe ice!         Sorting Polar Animals.


North Pole coordinates and compass points.


We made fact files and labelled adaptations.




We wrote Haiku Poems about Polar regions.

Our science topic was SPACE!!!!!

we made a solar system and rockets!!


Autumn 2020


Our research questions.   Comparing countries!     Archaeologists for a day!


Exploring- looking at maps and making keys               Egyptian landscape art.


Lego pyramid!                 Egypt Vs wales- research      Egyptian Jewellery


  • Home learning 2020.

Thank you boys and girls for all of your hard work and for being super helpful at home!!

Also, thank you to all parents for your support during these difficult times and permission to share your children’s work 🙂

Below are some pictures of LSC2 pupils’ home learning activities –

Well done! Da iawn !

Dw i’n mor falch am bawb!  I am so proud of everyone 🙂


Our Topic work- Blue Abyss and Ocean animals.

An octopus!                    A dolphin family!        A Pacific blue tang!


Writing and assessing poems!


Making our own Word searches, Cracking codes and super neat writing!!!



Making posters about Ocean pollution!



Home activities.

Making meals!               Making salt dough!         Helping out!



Identifying different plants and flowers!          Planting seeds!            Growing strawberries!



Target work.

Social games!                ICT work!                        Reading books!


Number ordering!       Assessing our learning!     Teaching others!




  • Pet therapy visits Autumn 2019.

A fun filled visit from Bailey the therapy dog and owner Brent 🙂