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General Information/Documents

Dear Parents/Guardian, Girls and Boys,

At this uncertain time, it has been recommended that schools begin to prepare for ‘Distance Learning’ – that is making educational content available to pupils without attending school.

In an effort to provide this in the interim period, we have updated the school website to include this functionality. On a longer term basis, documents/work may be shared via HWB (Microsoft Class OneNote/J2Easy software), however, in the short term, paper-based work and website-based work will be used.

Please check this site regularly for updates. During term time (not holidays), we shall endeavour to upload new learning/activities ready for Monday mornings. Workbooks and basic stationery will be provided for home use.

FSM Letter to ParentsCarers

Coronavirus Aled Evans 20.03.20

Childrens story about coronavirus

Warm Regards,

Mr Gareth Phillips


Below are documents from the British Psychological Society. One is for the children of key workers and a document for the parents who are key workers.

Advice for keyworker parents – helping your child adapt(1)

When your parent is a keyworker – advice for children and young people-1


NHS Wales, keeping well at home.