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Dosbarth Mrs Williams

   Welcome to the LSC2 distance learning page! 🙂  

I hope everyone is enjoying the distance learning activities 🙂 I miss you all so much and hope to see you really soon!!

Find the distance learning tasks below- have a go, try your best and most importantly, SMILE AND HAVE FUN!!! 😀    

If you wish to contact me or share photos of your wonderful work, please do so via email / class dojo.

Thank you for your support,
Warm regards,
Mrs Williams

General and IEP resources –

Flash card list             Alphabet mat            Number square to 100         Times tables poster

Find more specific resources and our photos here 🙂                                                             

                               Spring term 2021   

Distance learning activities weeks beginning 15th and 22nd March

Afternoon activities and resources – Afternoon challenges 15.3.2021                Tudor Shield PowerPoint               My Family Shield                    Tudor Recipes

Easter Crossword          Easter recipes             Easter Word search                  x table Easter egg colouring                Y 3/4 Easter task                         Y 5/6 Easter task  


Activities week beginning 8.3.2021

This will be our last week of learning at home because from next week you will all be attending school !! YAAAAAY 😀 We hope you are as excited as we are!

Please find activities for this week below 🙂 As always, try your best and have fun and send lots of pictures to Mrs Williams 🙂 If you need anything at all, please ring the school on 01639 700261.

All PM activities and resources are found here – Afternoon challenges             EAT WELL PLATE


Activities week beginning 1.3.2021

Another wonderful week of super duper hard work from everyone – Well done! A special mention to those who performed and watched our LSC2 Virtual Talent Show last Friday- What an amazing show it was!! Myself and Mrs Evans were so proud of you 🙂 The results can be found here – LSC2’s GOT TALENT RESULTS

This week is very special- it is Saint David’s Day on March 1st! So please find all activities and resources below for our LSC2 WELSH WEEK / YR WYTHNOS GYMRAEG LSC2! I hope you enjoy the activities and I cannot wait to see pictures of your hard work 🙂

LSC2 Welsh week activities

Resources –               1a. Graph activity – example                    1b. Graph activity                                                                                         2. Handwriting Activity                           3. Reading questions.                                                                                   4. St David’s Day recipes                         5. St David’s Day senses poem

Our class Teams meeting will be this Friday at 10am! See you all then 🙂


Activities – week beginning 22.2.2021

Welcome back to a new half term everyone! I hope you had a fun and relaxing break 🙂

Myself and Mrs Evans are back in school every day this week – and we want to put all of your fantastic distance learning  work on display in the class! So, if you have any new photos or work that you’d like to show, please send via class dojo or via email and please ring the school if you need anything at all 🙂

Here are this week’s morning activities – (Afternoon activities below)

Resources –      2D Shapes PowerPoint    2D shape hunt activity    extra-     2D I Spy         2D Checklist                3D shape ppt          3D shape hunt            3D stick challenge       extra –   3D I Spy             3D Checklist

ALL Afternoon activities are here – Afternoon challenges

This week’s teams meeting will be on Friday morning at 10am 🙂 see you all then! 🙂


Activities – week beginning 8.2.2021

Another fantastic week of hard work – Da iawn pawb!! I am always so proud of you 🙂

Teams meetings this week will be…

  • Monday at 10am – Story writing !! (bring your ideas from last Monday!)
  • Tuesday at 10am – Bingo!! (please contact Mrs Williams for a ticket ASAP)
  • Friday at 2pm – ‘Catchphrase’ with Mr EC & Co!! 

Activities –

Find afternoon activities for each day here –  Afternoon activities power point

Resources for afternoon activities –   Animal groups          Animal Quiz             Galapagos word search

Activities – week beginning 1.2.2021

Well done last week everyone for your hard work ! Please find this week’s teams meeting details and learning activities below.
Teams meetings –
– Monday 1st February at 10am – Amser Stori / Story time
– Wednesday 3rd February at 10am – Scavenger hunt
– Thursday 4th February at 2pm – Cwis Cymraeg! / Welsh quiz!
If you have any difficulties joining a team meeting, please contact me immediately or ring the school.

Activities –

Morning activities- Year 3,4,5,6 power point

Y 3 analogue to digital activity                          Y 3 analogue to digital matching game

Year 4,5,6 analogue to digital activity A          Y 4,5,6 analogue to digital activity B

Year 6 analogue to digital power point            Year 6 analogue to digital activity

Afternoon activity- Cwis cymraeg!

Morning activities –    Y3 halving fruits power point    Y3 – halves to 10    Y3 challenge – halves to 20

Year 4,5,6 – 2 times table   2 x table game

Y6 multiplication             Mixed times table board game


Activities – week beginning 25.1.2021

Well done to those who joined the LSC2 class quiz this week- you all had full marks! Amazing!!

This week we will meet on Monday at 10am for a Welsh story and on Wednesday at 10am for ‘show and tell’! Hopefully see you all then 😀

Morning resources –      Stori Santes Dwynwen ppt    True or false sorting       reading comprehension 

Afternoon resources – 1. How to make love heart toast        2. Card template or ideas          3. Crack the code                  4. Lego challenges          5. Lovespoon activity         6. Times table colouring         7. Word search               8. Santes Dwynwen colour by number

Morning resources –  Year 3 task         Year 4,5,6 task              Year 6 task

Afternoon resources – Float or sink recording table

Morning resources –     Y3 doubling PPT                                Y3 doubles activity                                                                                              Y 4,5,6 even or odd task 1                 Y 4,5,6 even or odd task 2                                                                                  Y 4,5,6 even or odd task 3                 Y6 rounding PPT and activity

Activities – Week beginning 18.1.2021

A huge DA IAWN to all of you working hard at home! Thank you so much for sending me pictures of your work!
This week’s TEAMS video meetings will take place on Monday and Thursday at 10am.
On Monday at 10am you can read your book/a magazine to Mrs Williams and your friends 🙂 
On Thursday we will have a general knowledge quiz at 10am!! You will have a dojo point for every correct answer!!
Please find this week’s activities below.

Morning resources – Reading questions.             Read a Picture 18.1

Morning resources – Discussion cards

Afternoon resources –   All about Charles Darwin                     Charles Darwin research sheet

Morning resources – Year 3 – o’clock power point                      Year 3 – activity

Year 4,5,6 – half past power point            Year 4,5,6 time activity

Year 6 five minute power point                Year 6 – time activity

Morning resources – Year 3 – 1 more , 1 less

Year 4,5,6 – ordinal numbers                     year 4,5,6 ordinal numbers challenge

Year 6 – multiplication and division


Activities – week beginning 11.1.2021

I will be available every Monday – Friday at 10am on Microsoft teams for any queries / questions.  You can also contact me via email / class dojo 🙂

An email has been sent to each parent – please reply to this email to confirm it is correct.

When confirmed, Mrs Williams will forward your child’s Spring term 2021 Individual Education Plan.


Week beginning 7.1.2021

Complete the activity by talking / writing / typing about your hopes and goals for the new year 🙂 You can share your work with everyone very soon 🙂 Thursday 7th January

Look at this poster to help you tell the time.  Then complete this activity – Friday 8th January

Afternoon activities.

Our new topic is all about a Biologist called Charles Darwin.

He travelled the world finding new places, plants and animals!

Go for a walk around your area or your garden and choose one or all of the following activities.

  • Be like Charles Darwin – use the tick sheet to and find different types of birds. Bird search activity
  • Choose an animal you have seen on your walk, draw and label a picture of this animal.
  • Choose an animal you have seen- think of words to describe how the animal moves, what the animal looks like, what sounds the animal makes.



Academic year 2019-2020.

Week 7 – 13th July 2020

Bore da pawb! Good morning everyone!!

This is our last week before the summer holidays! Usually in school this is a week of fun filled activities, so, I am going to give you a choice of choosing your own activities to do at home or I have put a few ideas up on ‘teams’ for you 🙂 The choice is yours!!!!!

Hopefully see you at 10am for our weekly class video call 🙂

Mrs Williams.


Week 6 – 6th July 2020

Hi everyone!

I have had such a lovely week seeing you all on our ‘Teams’ chat and when you have come into school!  Once again I just want to say how proud I am of all the boys and girls and a big thank you to all parents for your support.

Join me at 10am this Monday for a game of I-SPY on Teams!!!!

  1. Choose a room in your house and an object.
  2. Show us around your chosen room by walking around with your camera.
  4. Let’s see if we can guess the object !

Parents will need to be present during the video call.

See you all next week 🙂

Mrs Williams.

Week 5- 29th June

Hi boys and girls, parents and guardians,

For the last three weeks of school, your work will be on Microsoft Teams.

You will need your hwb email address and password.

If you do not have these, please contact Mrs Williams via class dojo or by ringing the school.

  • Here is the link to help you download Microsoft teams

  • Find general resources by clicking on ‘files’ and  then ‘class Materials’.

General resources will include parent information, a timetable of the week, number squares, hand warming up exercises and high frequency word lists.

  • I will be available every Monday at 10am until 10:30am for a video call with pupils from my class.  Your children have been sent invitations for this and it will appear on their teams calendar.

Parents, please be aware that – 

You will need to be present during the video call. 

Information about learning activities –

  • The weekly timetable will remain the same.
  • Introductions to activities will be given during their visit to school.
  • Follow up activities will be in pupil workbooks or on LSC2 teams page.
  • Activities can be found under ‘Assignments’ on Microsoft teams.

If you have any queries, concerns or questions, please contact me via class dojo or ring the school.

Thank you again for your support during this time.

Kind regards,

Mrs Williams.

For step by step instructions to assignments please see the document below. If you need any additional support, please contact the school.

TEAMS SUPPORT – where to find assignments.


Week 4- 22nd June 2020

Morning resources –  reading questions.

Afternoon resources – Looking after the oceans – discussion cards.

Plan a poster template (editable)            POSTER EXAMPLES

Morning resources – group 1 matching fractions       group 1 additional activity.

 group 2 fractions        group 3 fractions

Morning resources –   group 1 rounding     group 2 rounding    group 3 – 1 more 1 less


If your child is returning to school the week beginning 29th June, please read this story with your child-  Going back to school

Week 3 – 15th June 2020

Morning resources –  Reading questions.

Afternoon resource – Acrostic poems and challenge.

Afternoon resource –  Acrostic poem templates

Morning resource – Fractions poster

Morning activities –  group 1                           group 2                       group 3

Morning activity-   group 1- matching fractions.

Week 2- 8th June 2020

extra optional activities – Sea Creature puppet templates                                                                                                  Oceans- crack the code                                                                                                                Can You Find the ocean animals?

Morning resources – Fractions poster      fractions group 1      fractions group 2 and 3

Week 1- 1st June 2020

Morning resource –  reading questions.

Afternoon resources – food chain power point.   food chains activity.

Morning resources –      Fraction poster                         group 1 fractions.

Afternoon resources- Activity 1 – sentence sequencing.    Activity 2- cut and stick

Half term activities.

Please use this week to enjoy and relax after all of your hard work these past few weeks 🙂

Below are some activities if you are looking for something to do!!

  1. Ocean themed Biscuits.            2. Lego challenges.


3. Make a bird feeder                 4. Design a maze (plate and straws)


Scavenger hunt sheets.



Week 5 -18th May 2020

Morning resources – group 1 reading comprehension.

morning resource for all – plastics and the environment power point

Morning resources 21.5 group 1       21.5 group 2 and 3

Optional extra activity for all groups.

Morning resources – subtraction group 1 taking away group 2 and 3


Week 4 – 11th May  

Morning resource for group 1-  group 1 reading comprehension

morning resource for all – plastics and the environment power point

Morning resources             14.5 group 1               14.5 group 2 and 3

adding group 1            adding group 2            adding group 3


Week 3- 4th May 2020

Morning resource for group 1- group 1 reading comprehension.

Afternoon resources – ocean animals power point

sorting table group 1      sorting table group 2 and 3     Fact Cards

Morning resource – plastics and the environment power point

Afternoon resources- 5.5 Additional activity- assessment

throwing and catching part 1       throwing and catching part 2 

Morning resources-  7.5 group 1      7.5 group 2    7.5 group 3

Afternoon resources-  Lliwiau cymraeg. Welsh colours. (poster)

Welsh 7.5 group 1                  Welsh 7.5 group 2 and 3

doubling group 1            doubling group 2          doubling group 3


Week 2- 27th April 2020

Morning resource for group 1- 27.4 group 1 reading comprehension

Afternoon resources –  oceans of the world power point.

oceans 27.4 group 1         oceans 27.4 group 2       oceans 27.4 group 3

Additional activity – word search template

Ocean Zones power point.                     Ocean Zone template to print.

Morning resources- 30.3 group 1        30.3 group 2         30.3 group 3

Afternoon resource – plant and flower hunt

1.5 group 2                   1.5 group 1                     1.5 group 3


Week 1 – 20th April 2020

Group 1          Group 2         group 3      Additional activity.

24.4 group 1            24.4 group 2              24.4 group 3