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School Staff 2021/22

Headteacher – Mr G. Phillips (Secondment to Bryncoch CiW Primary School from 04/10/21)

Deputy Headteacher – Mrs C. Wheadon (Acting Headteacher from 04/10/21)

Early Years – Mrs L. Rudge

Year 1/2 – Mr W. Curtis

LSC 1 – Mrs A. Totterdale

Year 3/4 – Mr I. Clark

Year 5/6 – Mrs H. Jones

LSC 2 – Mrs C. Wheadon

Teaching Assistants/Learning Support Assistants –

Mrs K. Matts /Mrs A. George (Early Years & YR/1/2)

Mrs D. Hattab (YR/1/2)

Mrs C. Williams (LSC)

Ms R. Pugh (LSC1)

Mrs K. Evans (LSC2 & PPA)

Mrs S. Isaac (Nurture)

Mrs M. Thomas (PPA, Intervention & Classroom Support)

Mrs H. Richards (Intervention & Classroom Support)

School Clerk – Mrs K. Cross

Caretaker – Mr K. Roberts

Lunchtime Supervisors –

Mrs T. Evans

Mrs D. Daniels

Mrs H Richards

Mrs A George

Ms W Nwanna-Nzewunwa