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Values & Ethos

“Making a difference”

Pupil Mission Statement

To be happy and the best we can be!

School Mission Statement

At Blaendulais Primary, we aim to create a happy and supportive environment in which everyone works together to achieve their full potential.

Vision Statement

  • Blaendulais Primary is a school where pupils learn life skills which enable them to be independent, motivated, ambitious lifelong learners.
  • Pupils are encouraged to achieve high academic standards through a wide range of challenging experiences in a positive learning environment.
  • At Blaendulais pupils’ social skills are well developed and they have a strong sense of self worth.
  • Pupils are happy, well behaved, respectful and friendly.
  • Religious values displayed by our pupils include high moral standards, honesty and compassion for others.
  • Our school has strong well developed partnerships with parents and the local and wider communities.
  • We work together to ensure fairness and equality for all.

School Aims

  • To provide care, help and guidance for each child.
  • To provide a wide range of experiences in order to stimulate children’s interests,imagination and curiosity.
  • To help children speak, read and write effectively and imaginatively.
  • To help children understand the basis of Mathematics and Science.
  • To help children live happily in the school community and help them to understand that they have obligations as well as rights within it.
  • To teach respect for moral values, other people and toleration for other races, religions and ways of life.
  • To provide extra and special help and resources for children who are in any way disadvantaged, whether physically, socially or intellectually.
  • To help children enjoy life by introducing them to the pleasures of Art, Craft, Music, Poetry, Drama and Books.