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Distance Learning-Mrs Wheadon

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Week Beginning  8th March 2021 Week 9

Hello all,

I hope you have had a restful half term and are all fit and healthy. I am very much looking forward to the day that you can all come back to school and learn together and miss you all lots and lots.

I will continue be on teams most mornings between 9:30 and 10:30 to help you and teach you. You can also message me through Class Dojo or use my work email which is  .You can complete your work in your HWB account, which we have been using for the whole of the Autumn Term and you are very good at getting on to it. It saves automatically and I will be able to see it and leave some comments to say how well you have done. If you would prefer to write your work out that’s great- take a photo and upload it to HWB or Class Dojo for me to see a few children have been doing this and I can still attach comments.

Remember to keep yourselves healthy and fit whilst you are at home, complete your 10 minutes activity of walking, skipping, running etc a day, relax have fun with your family, go to your bedroom for alone time, play with your toys, eat some food or have a treat. When we get back to school we will get back on track so make sure to look after yourselves.

Mrs Issac has uploaded some excellent activities on Rainbow Rangers which anyone can use so take a look and have a go.

I am thinking about you all regularly and I really miss seeing everyone.

Thinking about you lots and sending good health  to you all

from Mrs Wheadon.


Below I have set out a timetable of how we would complete this work in school- please remember that your children would also be having regular breaks, playing board games, listening to stories, using construction toys, having a snack, talking to their friends, talking to adults, looking at/reading books and definitely not be working constantly throughout the day.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Guided Reading activity English activity English activity English activity Guided Reasoning activities
Guided Reading activity Maths activity Maths activity Maths Activity Guided Reasoning activities
Topic/Afternoon activities Topic/Afternoon activities Topic/Afternoon activities Topic/Afternoon activities Topic/Afternoon activities


Literacy Activities


Please read for at least 10 minutes everyday, you can read a comic, the TV magazine, a book, something on line (using a phone, a tablet, a laptop whatever device you have) a menu, a set of instructions etc.

 Please also complete the activities below (this is a Monday Morning lesson).

Guided Reading activities- 

This week we are going to do some Commonwealth Day activities instead of our guided reading activities.

Below are a variety of activities that we will be carrying out in class. We will also be listening to Commonwealth artists both singing and playing musical instruments;


KS1 Assembly Worksheet

KS1 Commonwealth Assembly



Spelling Practice


Handwriting Practice – Please write this on lined paper’ remember to take your time and make it as neat as possible. Underline your date and

WALT improve my style of writing.

Please talk to someone for at least 10 minutes everyday, you can talk about your feelings, about your book, about your animals from the clips, about your favourite football team etc. Remember to give reasons for your answers and try to use new words confidently.

Written work

Tuesday – Using a previous style of poem “In the ocean of dreams I saw” plan and write a poem titled 

In the jungle of dreams I saw…….

First choose four different numbers

Second choose four different jungle animals and an adjective to describe them. (this mat has pictures of jungle animals with their Welsh names- check out their English names using animal books)



Third choose four different ways to move (on the verbs list below) and an adverb (on the adverbs list below) to describe them.




In the Jungle of Dreams I Saw…

In the jungle of dreams I saw…

Twenty sleeping, snoring, sloths.

Slumping lazily on the overhanging branches.


When you have finished the decorate your page with your chosen animals.


Similes- take a look at this powerpoint then see if you can create some similes of your own and complete the rainbow poem.




Complete two of the Grammar sheets below. (some have already been uploaded)




Maths Activities

Times Table Activities are always in our maths sessions. The children work in small groups with an adult and also play maths games with their friends. Please use the multiplication games daily.

Use Hit the Button and J2EBlast (on Hwb) to practice your 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 times tables. Record how many you get correct and see if you can beat that next time! (If you are very good at these tables please move on to 7,8,9 times tables.) Warm up by singing your times tables songs using Youtube to find the songs we sing.

Multiplication Sheet


Division Sheet


Maths topic – time use the power point and maths games to help you learn the tell the time. You can set your own level.


Year 3&4 In school we didn’t complete all the time worksheets however we are going to start measuring lines too so there are a mixture of sheets below.




Telling the time worksheets




 Friday – Guided Reasoning


Topic Activities Playlist

  Our new topic is a creative one. You are going to get the chance to express yourself creatively.

WALT: to express myself through a creative media.

Creative media can be drama, music, art, movies, printing, model making etc. or a mixture of a few. The choice will be yours!

What’s that noise? A bash? A crash? A shake, a rattle or a low, bass hum? Which do you prefer – an acoustic singer or a booming brass band? A solitary voice singing sweetly and quietly or a magnificent choir lifting the roof? Take out your ear plugs as you journey through the valley of sound and find out about instruments, the sounds they make and how they are produced. Discover how sounds are made and which sounds travel the furthest. Then, sing up and compose a class song for the local talent contest, Class Factor. Can you write a number one hit? Be sure to stand up straight, warm up your voice and sing your heart out.

Look at this web page to learn about different parts of music so you can compose your own 

Can we block sound?

Children test different materials to see how well they block sound.

In small groups or pairs, children work scientifically with a range of materials to see how well their properties help them block sound. They place their first material over their ears, hold it in position with a headband then record what they can hear. They repeat the process with all of the materials before testing different combinations. Next the children create a soundproof box using a maximum of five layers of the same or different materials. They put a simple circuit with a buzzer inside of their box and assess how well it blocks sound using a data logger with sound sensor. Instead of a circuit put a toy that makes a sound inside a sandwich box and wrap it up in different layers- which layer blocks the sound?



Blooms: Research your favourite music, singer, song . Find the answer to at least three of the following questions.

  • What happened after their first ?
    • How many records have they written?
    • What is the best one?
    • Who was it that they admire the most?
    • Name the top ten songs?
    • Describe what happened after ……
  • Write down some facts ?
  • Make up your own questions and answer them – What do you want to know

Present this in your own style.



Something for fun! – Have a go at this.


Have fun !

Mrs Wheadon


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