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Dosbarth Mrs Wheadon

Remember you can view previous weeks activities by

clicking on the links at the bottom of this page.

Please take a look in Class Dojo for our class story being read to you by Mrs Wheadon!

Week Beginning 29/06/2020 (week 9)

Dear Parents and Children,

I am so excited to be going back to school this week. There are going to be a few changes and I will explain that to you when I see you. We are also going to be using a new way to work which is called teams. Please find below a sheet on how to access Teams. For this week there will be some work on this page and some on Teams so that we can get used to working this way.

Here is the link to help you download Microsoft teams

Remember to keep yourselves healthy and fit whilst you are at home. I hope you are all working hard and learning lots that you can tell me all about once we are back together. Please put some work on HWB for me to mark and help you learn more.

I am going to leave the sample timetable on this letter  just to give you an idea of the work you can try to do each day. Have a go, try your best. If you get stuck message me through Class Dojo or email me (just as we have learned in class this year). Also any work you complete on HWB is automatically saved to pupil files that I can view. My email is 

Do not try to do everything in one day remember to take breaks, complete your 10 minutes activity of a mile a day, relax have fun with your family, go to your bedroom for alone time, play with your toys eat, some food or have a treat. When we get back to school we will get back on track so make sure to look after yourselves. Mrs Issac has uploaded some excellent activities on Rainbow Rangers which anyone can use so take a look and have a go.

I have chosen a class book and this week will be uploading videos of me reading it so watch out for them. On Class Dojo.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Guided Reading activity  English activity English activity English activity Guided Reasoning activities
Guided Reading activities Maths activity Maths activity Maths activity Guided Reasoning activities
Afternoon activities Afternoon activities Afternoon activities Afternoon activities Afternoon activities

Now remember to watch Newsround every day and to do the weekly quiz on Friday and find out about all the interesting things that are going on in the world! It is also important to keep fit – you can join in with Joe Wicks and his wife on line 9-9:30 every morning.

I am thinking about you all regularly and I really miss seeing everyone.  Well done DL,  and LA on getting Star of the week for working hard at home. Happy Birthday  for the 23rd June AA.

Lots of love and good health being sent to you all from Mrs Wheadon.


Guided reading activities : Below are the activity sheets the first one being the newspaper.





Nightmare before Christmas

WALT develop and extend my reading for understanding.

All these activities can be carried out on your HWB account, you can also go on J2Blast to practice different spellings.

  1. First News activity- the newspaper is attached to our page and there is a mystery activity for you to carry out.
  2. Listening Comprehension Colours of the Wind – listen to the song, sing the song, enjoy the song then answer the questions underneath.
  3. Read the First News four stories sheet and answer the questions.
  4. There is a crossword sheet for you to do (draw the crossword in you work book).
  5. Year 3/Year 4 spellings –choose the set of words that you think will best develop your spelling. Practice them- in coloured pens; bubble writing, find the letters in a paper, write the letters out incorrectly and then correct them. You can also play the spelling games on J2blast.

Afternoon activities for the week.

Go outside, have a look what you can find. Look at this website and try to see what you can find by using the sheets below it.




PE challenges: See week beginning 20/04/2020 (below)



Literacy Activities

Each Day

Read for between 5 & 10 minutes. More if you want to!

General resource for this genre.




You will find this week’s work on TEAMS.


Maths Activities 

Warm up by practising your times tables. Remember the times tables songs on You Tube. Challenge yourself to learn a new times table. If you know all your times tables practice “How many 8s in 32?” and different numbers like this so that you are learning division- the inverse (opposite) of multiplication.


Year 3

Abacus text book 3 (orange book that was sent home).

pages 55-61 inclusive. This is addition/subtraction.

Year 4

Abacus text book 4 (purple book that was sent home).

pages 47-51 inclusive . This is addition/subtraction

Friday Guided Reasoning – This you will find on teams!

Practice your times tables on J2blast

Have fun !

Mrs Wheadon


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