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Virtual VE Day

Virtual VE day

75 years ago the end of World War Two began with the declaration of peace in Europe.  Our class puppets Fflic and Fflac have been on an adventure to find out what happened.  (Remember this is just for fun!)



Perhaps you’d like to dance to some music from that time:


On VE day, the Royal Family appeared on the balcony 8 times to celebrate with the public.


To celebrate VE day we usually see a flypast at the palace in London, so Fflic and Fflac watched a special version.  Check out the flying skills of the pilots.


Across the UK people celebrated in the streets with their friends and family.


People made the best of their rationed food and shared dishes together. 

Luke made us a pear crumble using a wartime recipe.


For the first time in many years people lit bonfires and set off fireworks.


Fflic and Fflac have been a bit naughty – they climbed up with a soldier to put a flag on this lamppost!


This year we can’t get together and celebrate but we can still remember the war and celebrate peace in our world. 

Perhaps you will have a party at home or just spend some time thinking of others.  We look forward to seeing you all soon.